Drive Richmond Electric Adjustable Bed

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Drive Richmond Electric Adjustable Bed
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The Richmond bed has a robust, expertly crafted, and exquisitely upholstered divan base. Every aspect of this bed exudes quality, from its construction to its finishing touches. What truly sets this bed apart is its innovation; the divan base is ingeniously designed to offer five-fold adjustability. This unique feature ensures optimum support to the five vital areas of the user’s body: the knees, hips, back, neck, and head. Whether you’re seeking unparalleled comfort or require specialized support due to specific medical conditions, the Richmond bed is an ideal choice.

This bed is a boon for those battling various medical conditions, including asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, arthritis, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis, back pain, circulation problems, and numerous other mobility-affecting ailments. It has been thoughtfully engineered to cater to your well-being, making it a comforting sanctuary for rest and recuperation. Discover the transformative power of a bed that not only embraces you in luxury but also promotes your health and enhances your quality of life. With the Richmond bed, you’re not just investing in a piece of furniture; you’re investing in your comfort, health, and well-being.

2'3" Richmond Electric Adjustable Bed

Height: 58cm
Width: 70cm
Length: 200cm
Weight Capacity: 115kg (18st)

2'6" Richmond Electric Adjustable Bed

Height: 58cm
Width: 76cm
Length: 200cm
Weight Capacity: 115kg (18st)

3' Richmond Electric Adjustable Bed

Height: 58cm
Width: 92cm
Length: 200cm
Weight Capacity: 115kg (18st)

4' Richmond Electric Adjustable Bed

Height: 58cm
Width: 122cm
Length: 200cm
Weight Capacity: 115kg (18st)

4'6" Richmond Electric Adjustable Bed

Height: 58cm
Width: 137cm
Length: 200cm
Weight Capacity: 115kg (18st)

4'6" Richmond Heavy Duty Electric Adjustable Bed

Height: 58cm
Width: 137cm
Length: 200cm
Weight Capacity: 160kg (25st)

What is an Electric Adjustable Bed?

An electric adjustable bed is a specially designed bed frame that allows users to electronically adjust the position of the mattress and the angle of the bed’s various sections, such as the head and foot. These beds are typically equipped with a motorized mechanism that raises or lowers specific parts of the bed, controlled through a remote or a built-in control panel. The primary purpose of an electric adjustable bed is to provide enhanced comfort and support while sleeping or resting.

These beds are particularly beneficial for individuals with specific medical conditions, mobility challenges, or those who simply seek a more customized and comfortable sleeping experience. By elevating the head, feet, or other sections of the bed, users can find the most ergonomic and relaxing position for activities like reading, watching TV, sleeping, or even addressing medical issues such as snoring, acid reflux, or improving circulation. Electric adjustable beds can accommodate various mattress types, including memory foam and latex, making them versatile and adaptable to different comfort preferences.

How long does shipping take?

For this product, shipping takes 3 – 5 working days to arrive from when you first place your order.

What is your Return Policy?

We have a returns policy of 14 days, just let us know within those 14 days and you will receive a full refund.

What is the warranty on this product and what does it cover?

The warranty for this product is one year and it covers parts and labour.

How can I find out more information about the product?

Below are our contact details:

Email –

Phone – 020 8159 7070


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You will receive a phone call to arrange a delivery date/time to suit you. On the day of your choice, the engineer will arrive and assemble your product and ensure it’s in full working order. Then they will provide a full demonstration, including charging, preparing and assembling/disassembling your product. The engineer will be happy to answer any of your questions during this time, and will even take all the unnecessary packaging with them when they leave.


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