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Manual and Powered Add-Ons FAQs

Do I need to have a home assessment before buying a powered add-on?

If you are new to using powered add-ons, it is crucially important to have suitably experienced assistance with getting your first one installed and demonstrated for you. Before this point in your powered add-on journey, Lifestyle & Mobility will always endeavour to carry out a free, no-obligation, home assessment for you. Get in touch with us now and we’ll be able to give you all the information and guidance you need as you enter the world of powered add-ons.

Do I need to have a home assessment before buying a manual add-on?

If you are new to using manual add-ons, then we would recommend this, although, depending on the product, the potential risks from misuse would be lower. Again, you may wish to contact us before purchasing in order to discuss further.

I see that some of the products are listed as “base price only” What does this mean?

With some of the higher-end add-ons in particular, we offer a discounted price on what you get as a standard “no-frills” purchase. However, many of these products do have what we sometimes call “cost options”, which are extras that some users may choose, at additional cost. This is one of the reasons why we very strongly advise you to speak with us before making a purchase.

Do you always list all the colour options for add-ons?

We try to be as comprehensive as possible with all the specifications for our products, but, with so much variety, particularly when it comes to prescriptive items, there may be other options out there for more adventurous tastes. As ever, we are happy to help guide you through the process.


Where can I find wheelchair compatibility guides for add-ons?

Whilst we can always help you out one-on-one if you get in touch with us about this, there are some products where the fitting requirements are relatively straightforward, such as the FreeWheel. You should find all the information you need about fitting this manual add-on right there on the product page.

What’s your most popular add-on?

That’s a tough question! There are a few standouts, particularly powerpacks, and also some of the TriRide models, but, as much as anything, this is a matter of preference and requirements.


How easy is it to fit add-ons? Will I need help?

If you are new to add-ons, we would generally recommend that you get some assistance with fitting them. Our friendly team includes engineers with significant experience and expertise in fitting these products. As with all things, some are more tricky to fit than others. But in the interests of safety, and getting the full performance benefits you deserve and expect from your new add-on, we offer engineer’s delivery across the board with these items, if needed.

I want a powered add-on with plenty of range per charge. What would you recommend?

We’d definitely advise you that some of the powered add-ons which we sell have the option for additional batteries that you can take on the road (or the pavement, track etc!) with you. The Tri-Ride T-Rocks, as the name suggests, takes the crown when it comes to range per charge. If you go for the dual-battery option, you can get an additional battery (and the space to take it with you on the front of your ride) Doubling up on battery power like that gives you an incredible 45 miles or more of powered drive range.


Do you have both pneumatic and puncture proof tyre options for add-ons?

We certainly do. Some of the add-ons which we sell allow you choose between solid and pneumatic tyres for the same product. One great example would be the ever-popular Quickie Empulse F55 Power Hand Bike.

Are you able to carry out repairs on powered add-ons, including those not listed here?

Yes, in the case of all the products which we sell. Where possible, we will always seek to assist with products that we don’t sell, parts availability and expertise allowing.


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