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Why Choose Lifestyle & Mobility?

 Here at Lifestyle & Mobility, we understand that freedom and independence are non-negotiable, so we offer a wide range of mobility scooters designed to fit your lifestyle and mobility needs. Whether you prefer to traverse through bustling city streets or slow down the pace of life with serene park walkways, our mobility scooters are designed to ensure your journey is not just about getting there but about enjoying every moment along the way.

We’re not just a provider of mobility scooters – we’re your partner in maintaining an active and independent lifestyle. With showrooms nationwide and the ability to bring your scooter of choice directly to you for a test run, our commitment to your mobility is unwavering.

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Our Range Of Mobility Scooters

We pride ourselves on ensure that we have a mobility scooter for every need and requirement, no matter the circumstances.

For those who venture outdoors regularly, our large mobility scooters offer maximum durability and power. Brands like Kymco and Drive lead the pack with features designed for longer-distance travel and diverse terrains.

Or you can choose a combination of both balance and comfort with our medium scooters which provide an excellent mix of mobility and convenience suitable for every day use. Alternatively, if you need quick trips in tight spaces and easy storage then our small mobility scooters are the perfect choice. Both lightweight and manoeuvrable, we can provide solutions that easily fit into your every day tasks like a shopping trip or a visit to friends.

Our extensive range doesn’t stop there. With folding mobility scooters acting as the ultimate in convenience, these scooters are designed for an on-the-go lifestyle. With easy storage and transport, these mobility scooters are perfect for those who are always on the move. Don’t forget to also browse our extensive range of scooter accessories and covers so you can customise your ride, keep them protected from typical British weather, or simply enhance your scooter’s functionality and style, we have everything you need right here.

If you’re looking for quality at an affordable price, then make sure to browse our range of approved used mobility scooters, which offer a cost-effective way to regain your mobility. Each of our approved used scooters undergoes rigorous testing to meet our high standards, meaning you can enjoy a dependable product without the hefty price tag.

Enjoy Unmatched Service & Support With Our Mobility Scooters

Purchasing a mobility scooter from Lifestyle and Mobility is just the beginning of our journey. We provide full, regular servicing to help to keep your scooter running smoothly. On top of this, our team of leading experts is always ready to help you with maintenance tips, repair services or answer any questions you might have.

No matter what your needs are, we have them covered. Transform your life by browsing our extensive range of mobility scooters online or visiting one of our showrooms for a test drive today.

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