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Powerchair FAQs

Can you recommend a powerchair for off-road use?

Rear-wheel drive powerchairs fare best on rougher terrain. The Optimus 2 models are both popular with country-based users.

What’s a Suitable Powerchair for Occasional Use?

Right now, we’re finding that some of the folding carbon fibre powerchairs are very popular, such as the new Q50 R Carbon Folding Powerchair

How would I get a powerchair into my car boot?

First, you’ll need to make sure that your car boot is large enough for your chosen powerchair. If so, then you will want to consider whether to have a hoist fitted. Lifestyle & Mobility will happily talk through this with you and, if you decide to go down this route, we will put you in touch with our trusted third party hoist supplier, who will be able to provide you with a no-obligation quote.

Is there an alternative to a hoist for getting a powerchair into my car boot?

Yes, you can use one of the more heavy duty ramps we stock. In fact, we may even be able to assess you at home for a car boot ramp if you’re near enough to one of our stores, with no cost or obligation to buy.

Which powerchair has the smallest turning circle?

The Q300 M Mini is up there as one of the best in class for having a small turning circle. It’s an ideal option for indoor use where movement and/or storage space is tight

Is there anywhere in the UK where you can’t do home assessments for powerchairs?

We never like to rule anywhere out, and will always seek to make suitable arrangements where possible. However, the Scottish Highlands and Islands, Northern Ireland and the Isle of Man are all areas which can pose difficulties. This is often a case-by-case matter, so do please get in touch even if you are in one of the more remote parts of the UK, or based off the mainland, and we’ll do all we can to accommodate.

I know that you provide Motability services on the Isle of Wight; does this mean that you can do powerchair assessments there also?

Almost always. There may be an impact on timeframes, but we regularly have assessors on the island, so this is unlikely to be a problem.

Do you recommend third party insurance for powerchairs?

Yes. The online warranties which we offer are extremely competitive within the industry, but, for the more expensive powerchairs, as with all retailers, we cannot always guarantee rapid breakdown rescue, due to the distances involved. Similarly, third party insurance will usually cover you against additional possibilities such as theft. We are always happy to discuss options with you at any point in your customer journey.

Can I take my powerchair on an aeroplane with me if I’m going on holiday?

This is a case-by-case question, and we always advise contacting your specific carrier before flying. Whilst there are, broadly, industry-standard restrictions on batteries, particularly lithium ones, we can’t guarantee that every carrier will always be the same. That said, we can easily direct you to products which our customers have used many times before on planes without issue.

What do the different drive types (Front, Mid, and Rear Wheel) mean in the powerchair context?

Those types of drive are determined in the same way as they would be on a car. Performance strengths and weaknesses of powerchairs vary according to drive type. For example, Mid-Wheel Drive is generally used on powerchairs which need to have the smallest turning circle possible.

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