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Wheelchair FAQs

What are the lightest wheelchairs which you sell?

We sell both lightweight folding and rigid active wheelchairs.

I’m new to buying wheelchairs, where should I look first?

You can get an overview of our wheelchair range here.

What is a “Tilt-in-Space” wheelchair?

These wheelchairs are particularly well-suited for users with pressure sore issues, since they allow for easy repositioning. This means that they are quite frequently used for care homes. This isn’t the only purpose which they can serve of course, and they are available for users of all ages, as you will be able to see from the range we offer online.

How do I know whether a folding or rigid-frame wheelchair is right for me?

Folding wheelchairs are often favoured by users wanting ease of transport and storage, since they fit well in car boots and small indoor spaces. However, rigid frame chairs can be more lightweight overall, and are an excellent option for the more active and independent user.

I want a self-propelled wheelchair for independence, but with the option of pushing if needed, can you help?

The ideal solution for you to maintain your independence whilst having the option of attendant-assisted transit movement in your wheelchair could be the flip-down backrest handles available as an option on many of our wheelchairs. The Quickie Life F is just one example of an active wheelchair we stock that has the flip-down handle option.

I’d like a wheelchair with a lot of stylish colour options, but don’t want to spend a fortune. Is there anything which you can recommend?

Ki Mobility offer a huge range of colour options on their wheelchairs. The entry-level models are often available online at reduced sale prices. Finance options are also available, in particular, you may want to consider using Snap! Finance, whom we have been working with for a while now.

Are manual wheelchairs available on Motability?

At present, the Motability scheme only offers powered mobility options. This may, of course, change at some point in the future

Can I try your wheelchairs before I buy?

Yes. Provided that we have them in stock, and depending on the product, you can try in store or potentially have a free in-home demonstration.

Can I get a wheelchair on finance?

Yes, apart from one or two of the very cheapest models which we stock, there is a good of finance options available – particularly if you would like to pay monthly

Can I try wheelchairs in any of your stores?

Yes, all of our stores do hold stock of wheelchairs, although since range, makes, and models do vary between our sites, getting in touch beforehand is always advised.


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