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Mobility Scooter FAQs

Can I try any mobility scooters before I buy?

Yes, you can try many of our huge range of mobility scooters in one of our five stores.

What sort of mobility scooter accessories can I buy?

We’d particularly recommend any of the mobility scooter accessories on this page. 

What is the difference between on-board and off-board battery charging for scooters?

On-board battery charging is where the batteries are not removed from the scooter in order to charge them. This is how larger and more powerful scooters are usually charged. Off-board charging is where the batteries are removed for charging. Some scooters (particularly boot scooters and folding scooters) offer both on and off-board battery charging.


What are the two types of scooter tiller?

Scooter tillers have varying degrees of adjustability. Some, usually on the most lightweight folding scooters, are simply height adjustable, i.e. they telescope up and down. Some, usually on scooters of the size of 4mph boot scooters upwards, can tilt back towards the user. The second type (the tilting one) is usually referred to as “adjustable”, although obviously both kinds have some adjustability.

Do you sell any mobility scooters which I can take my pet with me on?

That depends both on the pet and the scooter. Lightweight folding mobility scooters tend not to have the sort of carry capacity you’d be looking for. If you have a larger pet and they can be trusted to ride calmly with you, then there are a couple of options to consider. They double as the prime off-road mobility scooters for sale in the UK right now.


I’d like something that doesn’t look like the typical mobility scooter.

Lifestyle & Mobility can help you with that. Between the cabin car and the ultra lightweight eFOLDi Explorer scooter, you can find a scooter along these lines in all size classes.

What’s the mobility scooter with the longest range per charge?

We sell some mobility scooters which can easily manage 30 miles on a full charge across ground without a slope and with a light weight carrying load. The Drive Royale 4 Sport would be a prime example

Do you buy second-hand mobility scooters?

Yes and no. We do sell used mobility scooters on behalf of customers on a regular basis, and you would then receive a cut of the resale price (this would be at least 40 per cent) If this service appeals, do get in touch and we’ll see whether we can help you out with your particular scooter resale request

I see that some scooters don’t have Motability weekly cost prices shown, why is this?

Not all scooter manufacturers make their products available through the Motability scheme, so unfortunately, you will not be able to lease these products via Motability through us or any other dealer.

Do you sell alarm systems for mobility scooters?

At present,  we don’t sell scooter alarm systems. In the past, we did, but the performance quality of brands which we have tried that are currently available on the UK market was not up to standard. We are keeping our eye out, of course, for improved products of this type.

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