Product(s) of the month June 2023: eFOLDi scooters
6 July 2023 - by Matt Stanfield
Uncompromisingly Unique

As spring has turned to summer, two of Lifestyle & Mobility’s hottest-selling scooters have been from the profoundly distinctive eFOLDi range. We’ve had a lot of customer enthusiasm for both the eFOLDi Lite and eFOLDi Explorer. If you aren’t yet familiar with this manufacturer, their scooters come highly recommended for anyone wanting something a bit different.
Falling firmly into the category of statement scooters, eFOLDi’s three-wheel mobility scooters are defined by their ultra-lightweight construction. The eFOLDi Lite is particularly aptly named. Even with the battery, it weighs under 20kg. Well under 20kg in fact – 17, to be exact.

The eFOLDi Explorer is the big sibling to the Lite, although “big” is a relative term here. Again, this is a scooter weighing in at under 20kg even with the battery included (19kg in total) The Explorer is defined less by size than by speed. It is a fully road legal three-wheel scooter, capable of hitting 8mph.

So, So Stylish

As mentioned, both of eFOLDi’s lightweight mobility scooters have a very stylish look to them. The Explorer in particular evokes a vintage motorbike thanks to design flourishes such as the low-slung ride position. Don’t get the idea that it lacks in ground clearance though – even with the low centre of gravity, users will enjoy over 12cm (4 inches) of ground clearance, making this scooter well-suited to outdoor adventures.

Another key feature of both scooters is how brilliantly foldable they are. The eFOLDi Lite and the Explorer both fold up fully into an appealing luggage-styled format. This high level of folding functionality makes for a pair of very easily transportable three-wheeled scooters.


Super Suitability

Both the eFOLDi Lite and Explorer models can usually be taken onto public transport such as buses and trains when folded up, since they fit easily into even small spaces. The lithium batteries on this pair of scooters are also airsafe. So, you get the dual advantages of being able to take your folding scooter on the plane with you when travelling abroad, and the higher performance of lithium batteries. The batteries on these scooters will fully charge in five hours or less, keeping you ready to go!

These might be lightweight mobility scooters, but that doesn’t mean that these fantastic foldables don’t have good weight capacity. Both the Lite and Explorer models can carry over 18 stone in weight. The Explorer has a maximum weight capacity of 19 stone.

Available Now

If you like the sound of these UK designed mobility scooters, both of them are available to buy now from our website, with fast delivery and mechanical fault warranties coming as part of the package (more details available on request)

Find out more about the Lite and Explorer by following this link.

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