LuXe X500 Midi Sport – Scooter Review
4 June 2024 - by Matt Stanfield

This is the second in a 3 part series looking at the new LuXe scooters available from Lifestyle & Mobility. Today’s blog is about the LuXe X500 Midi Sport. As the name suggests, this is the medium size option out of the three LuXe scooters.

Enhanced Features
LuXe X500 Midi Sport Suspension and Anti-Tip

Robust anti-tip and suspension on the X500

The X500 is intended to combine the performance and features of a medium pavement scooter with the convenient compact size of a smaller scooter. There’s a lot to consider, relative to the size of the product, so let’s get started. This scooter is not much longer than the LuXe Mobility X100 Sport, coming in at 111cm end-to-end. The small “footprint” which this pavement scooter has is immediately noticeable when you sit on it for the first time. You will notice that your peripheral vision is uncluttered.

Adding to the unexpected lightness of the X500 experience is the superior ground clearance. Ground clearance is a big strength of the LuXe Mobility scooters as a whole. The X500 has a generous 1.75″ of ground clearance. The pneumatic tyres combine with substantial rear suspension to provide enhanced comfort to riders.

Distinctive Style
LuXe X500 Midi Sport Colour Lineup

Colour choices for the X500 (L-R: Blue, Green, Purple, Silver, Red)

The look of the X500 is solid yet sleek. The fluted tiller shield gives it a style all of its own, and conceals several useful parts: two cup holders, a battery charging port, and a USB charger. The last of these is great for keeping your phone powered up on longer journeys. As well as off-board charging of the battery pack, thanks to the charging functionality on the tiller, you get the option of bringing your whole scooter indoors out of the cold and wet to carry out charging.

On the topic of longer journeys, the X500 has a maximum range of almost 15 miles on a single charge. This enhanced range relative to the X100 obviously sets it apart from its smaller sibling. If you’re travelling further, you need extra comfort for longer journeys, right? The design team behind the LuXe X500 Midi Sport certainly thought so. A comfortable, high-backed seat, complete with headrest, will keep you relaxed and supported. Five colour options allow for a scooter experience that is personal to you. The bold electric purple option is both distinctive and popular with our customers!

A Fusion Scooter?

Both in style and function, the X500 is a distinctive fusion. It brings together the size profile of a boot scooter and the additional features of a heftier pavement scooter. It is this “hybrid” feel which makes this the most intriguing of the LuXe models.

For ride feel in particular, it is certainly a product worth trying before you buy. You may well find you get more than you would expect in terms of user experience with the X500.

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