Team Favourites No.1 – The Alumina Pro with Dexter
11 July 2024 - by Matt Stanfield
The Alumina Pro – Dexter’s Favourite

With their years of experience, our team members have many tried and true products which they like to recommend to customers. We caught up with Dexter, Assistant Manager at the Southend Store, to find out about his favourite mobility product. Dexter chose the Alumina Pro, by Motion Healthcare. Here’s some of what he had to say.


Thanks for your time today Dex. Would you like to say a few words about what your favourite mobility product is and why?

The Alumina Pro is a favourite mobility scooter of mine because it is lightweight, easy to transport, and has suspension. It also has a longer range than most lightweight boot scooters, up to 30 miles on a single charge!

Relative to a lot of boot scooters, it is compact, and turns on a small axis.

Is it a good choice for users who want a comfortable ride?

I think so. The footplate is large relative to the size of the scooter, with a lot of flat surfacing, so you don’t have to worry as much about bending your legs. With mobility products, comfort concerns are obviously so key. We have to think about arthritis, oedema and other conditions within the team

when we are recommending scooters.

What is your top priority when recommending a product to a customer?

I’d say that there are two priorities: one, that the product is the most suitable for the user needs; two, that it’s within their price range. Obviously, we do have finance options available.

What would you say sets Lifestyle & Mobility apart from other mobility retailers?

Great aftercare. Other companies charge a callout fee if you need warranty repairs. For in-store purchases, we don’t.



What trends do you foresee in boot scooters?

Colour choices are a big thing. It used to be that you could get blue or red and that was basically it. The Alumina Pro is actually an example of how this has changed all the time. It recently came out in some altered colours. This mixing things up a bit with colours is a trend I’ve noticed in the mobility industry.


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A Big Thank You To Dexter From Our Southend Store For Taking Part In This Blog!

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