Product of the Month – JBH CarbonLite Carbon Fibre Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter
23 October 2023 - by Matt Stanfield

The product of the month for Lifestyle & Mobility in October 2023 was rather an easy choice. It is the JBH CarbonLite Carbon Fibre Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter. This ultra lightweight folding mobility scooter has been selling extremely well to customers across the UK. If you’re looking for the lightest mobility scooter around, this is a very good place to start. Regular visitors to our website may have already seen the below picture, but it definitely bears reproducing.

CarbonLite folding scooterThe man holding the JBH CarbonLite over his head is Ron Sverdloff, Lifestyle & Mobility’s 80-year-old founder and survivor of a severe road traffic accident. Ron can lift this product because, with the lightweight air safe batteries removed, it comes in at a mere 19kg without the armrests. That extreme lightness is why this carbon fibre-based mobility scooter has been such a standout product of late.

Redefining What Makes a Light Scooter

As you may be aware from past experience, many supposedly lightweight folding mobility scooters are not all that they are cracked up to be. This is generally the result of heavier product weights than might have been expected. Again, this is seen by some users as a downside to automatic folding scooters. This isn’t to say that auto folders aren’t suitable for anyone; many of our customers swear by them. It is simply to point out that, with a manual folding scooter such as the CarbonLite, there are fewer moving parts and mechanisms to weigh things down. With less weight, comes more mobility options. The CarbonLite is a great choice for putting in car boots, taking onto public transport, or even overseas travel. As mentioned earlier, the lithium batteries are approved for air travel. So you don’t need to leave this folding mobility vehicle behind when you set off on your holidays. Removing the batteries and armrests, and folding this electric scooter down, is quick and easy to manage.

Premium Features in an Easy to Handle Package

You’ll enjoy a host of premium features incorporated into the JBH CarbonLite. All of which combine together beautifully to provide an enhanced scooter drive experience. Amongst other things, the seat is more luxurious than standard on an ultra lightweight scooter, which enhances your comfort. The seat design also contributes to a higher than usual weight capacity of 18.5 stone. Something which is also reflected in the adjustable width armrests. The LCD display is complemented by boldly coloured and modern styling. This scooter is available right now to try and buy in all our stores. In-home demonstrations are also possible for prospective online customers (depending on distance from store and staff availability)

Right now, we even have a discount code available for use with all online JBH CarbonLite purchases. Find it at the top of our home page and save when buying this high end folding mobility scooter.

We at Lifestyle & Mobility are supremely confident that you’ll love this scooter – and, by the way, we have exclusivity on this in the UK – so you will not be able to buy this product new from any other British retailer. Why not try one for yourself today?

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