Mental Health in the Disabled Community
20 May 2024 - by Matt Stanfield

Mental health is a particular area of challenge in the context of the disabled community. This piece will take a look at some of the factors which drive this. Also, it will reflect a little on how Lifestyle & Mobility as a company take this into account with our customers.

For some context, a study conducted by the CDC revealed that individuals with disabilities experience higher levels of mental distress relative to the general population. Increased mental distress is closely linked with poor health in general, and limitations in daily life. Individuals with limited mobility often face higher stress levels. In fact, those with physical health conditions experience, on average, five times more mental stress than the general population. Given how many parts of daily life can be radically changed by physical disability, this is unsurprising.

Even within the home, a place which we might consider a relaxing haven from the outside world, mobility issues can fundamentally change the picture. This is particularly noticeable for people who develop mobility conditions over the course of their lives. Where once, bathing, getting in and out of bed, even sitting in a comfortable lounge chair, were straightforward, serious mobility issues make them anything but.

A Personalised Approach to Prescriptive Products

Wheelchair Assessment Image for Mental Health Awareness Blog It’s crucial to recognise that the equipment used for mobility is not merely a tool but a companion in life for those who rely on it. Therefore, mobility equipment holds special significance as it promotes independence, dignity, and quality of life. All of those things are vital for good mental health.

This underscores the importance of mobility retailers. We at Lifestyle and Mobility, as providers of innovative and bespoke mobility solutions tailored to the needs of individuals with disabilities, fully understand this. We consider it our responsibility to offer customers cutting-edge mobility solutions that align with their specific requirements. Our commitment is to bring top-notch equipment to the market, ensuring our customers have access to the best companionship for enhancing their lives. A core aspect of the way that we make sure that our customers get the products which are best for them, is free, no-obligation home assessments and demonstrations. These are available on a selection of scooters, manual, and powered wheelchairs.

Better Mobility Technology for Better Mental Health?

Mobility products and living aids are becoming more and more advanced. Within the mobility sector, this progress is easy to see. Some product functions have made particularly notable contributions to improving mental health in the disabled community.

Seat lifting functions in powerchairs are an option which is no longer restricted to the most expensive models. Options like this have the life-changing effect of letting users interact with others at eye level. This is something which it is easy for non-users to take for granted. In fact, being able to speak with those people around us at eye level is a part of life which we might never have considered not having.

Having said this, the most advanced mobility and living technology does often remain expensive. Lifestyle & Mobility, as a company, always strive to offer the most affordable solutions which we can. Additionally, we are keen to direct customers towards alternative funding sources if needed. Ultimately though, there is still so much more to be done to make these sorts of life-changing solutions available. The work continues.

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