Opera® Signature Comfort Dual Profiling Bed

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RRP: £5,295.00 exc. VAT
From: £5,295.00 £6,354.00 with VAT relief without VAT relief
Opera® Signature Comfort Dual Profiling Bed
RRP: £5,295.00 exc. VAT
From: £5,295.00 £6,354.00 with VAT relief without VAT relief
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In Store & Home Assessment Price: £5,295.00 exc. VAT
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Signature Comfort Profiling Bed

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Opera Signature Upholstered Profiling Bed - Hand Set Guide

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Signed, sealed, delivered

The Signature Comfort Dual is fully height-adjustable. This bed has twin profiling mattress platforms to let couples with differing medical needs keep sharing a bed. Obviously this is such an important feature for quality of life and emotional wellbeing. We think that makes this a really special product.

Personalised space

With two 5-section independent mattress platforms, the Signature Comfort Dual frees each sleeper to adjust their position in bed without affecting the other.

Each mattress platform is controlled by its own handset. This features a locking setting. Usefully, the locking setting will allow the operator or carer to deactivate functions if there are safety concerns.

Another pleasing feature to help you feel relaxed when settling down for a good night’s sleep is the low footboard. Because of the low height of the footboard, users will feel freed.

Move as one

The whole bed can be raised and lowered. Therefore nursing care and getting in and out of bed are easier. Those are the main benefits of the all-in-one height range.

The heart of your home

The Signature Comfort Dual has been thoughtfully designed for homely environments. This bed is softened with plush, upholstered surrounds. Also, these surrounds can be customised with a range of headboard and upholstery options.
Opera’s highly skilled craftspeople and upholsterers ensure your bed is finished to the highest standard. The bed is upholstered in Britain.




£4,000 – £4,999

Bed Size


BEDS - Headboard

Emerald, Opal, Pearl

BEDS - Material

Anthracite, Lichtgrau Leather, Linen, Meteor Leather, Sisal Leather, Zinc

BEDS - Headboard Height

970mm / 38”

BEDS -External Length

2080mm / 82"

BEDS - External Width

2080mm / 82"

BEDS -Height to Mattress Platform

245-730mm / 9½-28¾”

External Height (in lowest position)

970mm (38”)

External Height (in highest position)

1490mm (50¾")

Mattress Platform Length

2000mm (78¾”)

Mattress Platform Width - 150cm / 5ft King Dual

1500mm (59")

Mattress Platform Width - 180cm / 6ft Super King Dual

1800mm (70¾”)

Maximum User Weight (Per mattress platform)

2 x 170kg (2 x 26¾st)

Safe Working Load (Per mattress platform)

2 x 205kg (2 x 32¼st)

Back Rests Length

745mm (29¼”)

Thigh Rests Length

350mm (13¾”)

Calf/Foot Rests Length

540mm (21¼”)

Maximum Back Rests Angle


Maximum Leg Rests Angle


Power Cords Length

2100mm (82¾”)

Hoist Clearance

130mm (5¼”)

8 Braked Twin Castors

70mm (2¾”)

Electric Shock Protection (DIN EN 60601-1)

Class II, Type B

Ingress Protection (EN 60529)


Battery for Emergencies (EN 60601-2-52)

9V Block Battery (Alkaline Manganese type 6LR61)

Signature Comfort Profiling Bed

Opera Signature Upholstered Profiling Bed - Hand Set Guide

Do both sides of the bed move when it is raised?

The Signature Comfort Dual has two indivudual mattress platforms, this allows each user to control their bed seperately using their own handset. When the bed is raised or lowered the whole bed moves as one.

Do the Opera® profiling beds come with a mattress?

All our mattresses are sold separately due to each person having different pressure care needs and preferred firmness.

Does this bed come with side rails?

The Opera® Signature Comfort Dual Profiling Bed does not have side rails as the footboard is not high enough to accommodate the rails.


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  1. Malia Neil

    I bought this more for the utility than comfort, I wasn’t expecting it to be terrible but just so and so comfort wise. I was wrong, it meshes comfort and utility wonderfully. I am very happy.

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