Electric Mobility Vortex Scooter

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Electric Mobility Vortex Scooter
From: £3,345.00 £4,014.00 with VAT relief without VAT relief
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Unleash Your Freedom with Unmatched Ground Clearance

Introducing the Electric Mobility Vortex scooter, the epitome of cutting-edge mobility scooters. Designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, this remarkable scooter offers an unparalleled experience on the move. Let the Electric Mobility Vortex sweep you away with its remarkable features.

With its large wheels, the Electric Mobility Vortex effortlessly conquers any terrain, giving you exceptional ground clearance. Say goodbye to obstacles and hello to freedom as you navigate with ease, be it on uneven paths or challenging outdoor environments. Whether you’re exploring nature trails or strolling through bustling streets, the Vortex ensures a smooth ride, granting you the confidence to go wherever your heart desires.


Stay Connected, Powered Up, and in Control

In this digital age, staying connected is paramount, and the Electric Mobility Vortex understands your needs. That’s why we’ve equipped this remarkable scooter with a convenient USB socket, allowing you to charge your devices on the go. Keep your smartphone, tablet, or other gadgets powered up effortlessly, ensuring you’re always connected to your world. Whether it’s staying in touch with loved ones, capturing memories, or navigating unfamiliar routes, the Electric Mobility Vortex empowers you to stay connected, ensuring you never miss a beat.


Illuminate Your Path to Safety and Confidence

Your safety is our top priority, day or night. The Electric Mobility Vortex comes with state-of-the-art lighting features that ensure your travels are safe and secure, even in low-light conditions. Illuminate your path with the powerful headlights, casting a beam of clarity, and enhancing your visibility to others. Additionally, the Vortex features taillights, ensuring that you’re easily spotted from behind, providing an extra layer of safety during your night time adventures.

With the Electric Mobility Vortex Scooter you can enjoy the freedom to travel when it suits you best, whether it’s during daylight hours or under the enchanting stars. The advanced lighting system not only enhances your safety but also adds a touch of sophistication to your ride, making you stand out as you cruise along with confidence.

Overall Length

146cm (57.5")

Overall Width

65cm (25.6")

Maximum Carrying Capacity

180kg (26st)

Maximum Speed


Maximum Kerb Height

10cm (4")


41km (25.5 miles)


Blue, Purple

Do Electric Mobility make any other mid-sized scooters?

Yes, you may want to also look at the Vecta


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You will receive a phone call to arrange a delivery date/time to suit you. On the day of your choice, the engineer will arrive and assemble your product and ensure it’s in full working order. Then they will provide a full demonstration, including charging, preparing and assembling/disassembling your product. The engineer will be happy to answer any of your questions during this time, and will even take all the unnecessary packaging with them when they leave.

  1. Isla Brooks

    A versatile and comfortable ride. It is as smooth as advertised, if not more so. The USB comes in handy , especially because I am someone who always forgets to charge their phone…

  2. Lily Hall

    I am a big advocate for people to get TGA products, I loved my little Zest but after moving to a more rural location I had more space to store so I wanted a bigger 8mph bad boy and the Vortex delivered.

  3. Geoffrey Langley

    It is difficult to find a medium scooter with a seat this good, the most important part of a mobility scooter if you ask me… Other than the motor I suppose.

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