LuXe X100 Sport Scooter Review
4 June 2024 - by Matt Stanfield

This is the first in a 3 part series of reviews looking at the new LuXe Mobility scooter range. The LuXe X100 Sport Scooter is the smallest of the three LuXe Mobility scooters, and the entry level model.

Storage and Transport

Like most 4mph pavement scooters, it is designed for easy storage and transport. One of the first things that you will notice about this scooter is that it has a small “footprint”. The area which it takes up is low, even relative to others in its size class. Since public transport options, particularly buses, often have quite strict rules about the maximum length and width of mobility scooters allowed to travel on them, this is one of the key reasons why a LuXe X100 might be the scooter for you. If you regularly use the bus, you probably know that, usually, only scooters under 1 metre long are allowed on. The X100 measures comfortably less than a metre from end to end, so bus travel is an option with this scooter*

LuXe X100 Sport Scooter take down



It should be noted that, as shown here, the LuXe X100 Sport Scooter comes apart into four pieces rather than the usual five for boot scooters. This does still mean though that the three heaviest components can all be loaded separately into a car boot. The heaviest single component is the chassis. With the tiller folded down, this fits neatly into even small spaces. The weight of the chassis is just under 30kg, which is comparable to the total weight of some folding scooters.

Drive Experience

The X100 has the standard puncture-proof tyres which you would expect on a pavement scooter. But, you will notice that the wheels themselves are a little larger than on other 4mph mobility scooters. The increased wheel size provides the X100 with superior ground clearance. This product also has better slope climbing abilities than most small scooters. The X100 has a ground clearance of 1.75 inches, and can safely handle gradients of up to 10°.

At Lifestyle & Mobility, we think that the extra bit of ground clearance and slope climbing ability is one of the most important factors in deciding whether this scooter is for you. Because 4mph scooters tend to be very limited as to the terrain which they can handle, even small differences can set one of them apart.LuXe X100 Sport Scooter rear view

Small scooters in general have quite limited suspension capabilities. The LuXe X100 Sport Scooter has rear suspension, giving decent support to riders. Along with the robust anti-tip wheels and padded seat, this scooter delivers more than enough comfort for short and medium journeys.

Further Features

The X100 uses a sealed gel electrolyte battery pack. As a non-spill, non-lithium product, this is generally approved for air travel. Removing the battery pack is very straightforward and it can be charged on or off-board. The LuXe X100 will deliver up to 10 miles range on a full charge, which is typical for a scooter in its size class.

The two ever-popular colour choices are available for the X100 – red or blue.

Summing Up

The LuXe X100 Sport Scooter gives you a little more than you would get from an entry-level small scooter. However, when the price point is taken into account, it really comes into its own. The combination of enhanced ground clearance, standout slope climbing ability, and substantially-built rear suspension offer a driving experience beyond what you would expect. Taken alongside the compact dimensions, there’s a lot to like about this scooter. It’s available to try today at all of our stores.

*Lifestyle & Mobility recommend checking your provider’s specific mobility scooter policy prior to travel

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