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Small/Class 2 Scooters

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These are ideal for people who need to travel, by car or other method, to the place their mobility scooter will be used. The batteries are necessarily smaller than average and hence have a more limited range between charges (typically around 10 miles).

The scooter chassis, battery pack and basket can be separated for storage during transport, the chassis often capable of being dismantled into smaller parts.

The rear section, containing the motor, is generally the heaviest component. Solid tyres are normally used on portable scooters, to avoid punctures.

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Medium/Class 2 Scooters

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These are larger and more comfortable than portable scooters, with larger batteries that permit around 20 miles of travel between charges. They are ideal for people who do not need to transport their scooter, although some mid size models can be dismantled with a tool kit if absolutely necessary.

Pneumatic or in-filled tyres tend to be employed on mid size scooters; the former provide a more comfortable ride over uneven ground but have the disadvantage of being liable to puncture or lose pressure.

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Large/Class 3 Scooters

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Class 3 mobility scooters are allowed to travel on the roads at speeds of up to 8 mph, so they come with all the lights, indicators and mirrors required. They are particularly useful if you live in an area with uneven terrain or insufficient pavements, as they have a better suspension than smaller models.

Their larger batteries lend them a greater range but they are mostly too bulky and heavy to transport unless you have a large van with ramps. Their size and weight also make them less manoeuvrable than smaller models.

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Folding Scooters

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