Indoor manoeuvrability and high performance outdoors

With it’s stand out red design the Puma 40 S-line balances excellent indoor manoeuvrability with high performance outdoors that’s geared for speed. It comes in a unique 12.5 km/h front wheel drive configuration with Gyro tracking control. Whether your slow speed turning on carpet or driving on uneven surfaces at fast speeds, controlling your power chair has never been safer or easier.

Crash Test Approved
This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19

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More Information

Product features

Excellent indoor manoeuvrability

Puma 40 S-line’s powerful 4-pole high torque motors coupled with its small turning radius and low seat-height ensure great manoeuvrability in tight, small spaces. With the Gyro tracking control you will experience enhanced slow speed turning on surfaces such as thick soft carpets.

High outdoor speed

The Puma 40 S-line powered wheelchair provides outdoor performance geared for speed. This is also complimented with its sporty red design. With its 12.5 km/h top speed and up to 40 km range this power chair meets all your needs whilst travelling in style and comfort.

Control on any terrain

The Puma 40 S-line has Gyro tracking control and Full Track Suspension System (FTSS)  giving you more control and confidence in your powered wheelchair. Your high-performance powered wheelchair accurately follows all your commands at all speeds and automatically compensates for uneven tyre pressure, terrain or surface grip. This means there’s much less need for corrective actions or worries whilst driving. Staying on route is now easier and safer than ever.

Ergonomic Sedeo Pro seating system

Enjoy a high level of seating comfort with our award-winning Sedeo Pro seating system, combining a highly functional and adjustable seat frame with a wide choice of support and positioning options. This also creates limitless customisation to suit your personal requirements everyday. Add optional advanced electrical controls you need for even more comfort and independence.

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Overall Width

655 mm

Overall Length

1160 - 1190 mm

Max User Weight

160 kg (25.2 stone)

Max Kerb Climb

600 mm

Max Safe Slope


Min. Wheelchair Weight

97.6 (excl. batteries), 132.2 kg (incl. batteries)


12.5 km/h

Battery size

60, 74 Ah

Turning Radius

600 mm

Seat Tilt

0 - 45°

  • Swift, comprehensive delivery and set up of the product.
  • 1 year’s manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Full service and warranty back-up with our on-site engineers.
  • Professional on-going support with additional visits if required.