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13 September 2023 - by Matt Stanfield
Fight the Fear of Falling with VELA
VELA Chair alternative side view

A recent Age UK commissioned survey found that millions of over 65s are worried about falling over. Over 4 million respondents (more than a third of the total) gave it as a top health concern. With reported hip fractures in older people (aged 65+) running at around 100,000 annually, this fear is sadly not unfounded. Falls are a significant contributor to later life hip fracture. Many complications are associated with hip fractures. That makes it especially saddening that preventable falls are putting so many older people into hospital. VELA products are designed to counteract some of these issues.

Understandably, fear of falling can be a major drain on quality of life amongst over-65s. It is not always a psychological consequence of previous fall accidents. This fear can also occur in older people without a personal history of falls. Because of the negative mental health effect of fear of falling on sufferers, loss of independence and increased care dependency result. It’s easy to see how an older person’s physical and social life can take a severe hit.

How a VELA Chair can Change Things

VELA ChairVELA have worked hard over the years to produce ergonomic seating solutions which reduce both the perceived and actual risk of falls for older users.

The VELA office chair features both a braking system and an electric lifting mechanism to benefit its user. How does the VELA chair reduce fall risk?

It’s simple really – the chair allows you to perform more tasks whilst seated, courtesy of the braking and lifting mechanisms working together.

Changing the level of your chair to where you need it to be at any given time is quick and easy: put the handbrake on to keep the chair securely in place, then rise and descend at the push of a button.

Other Benefits of a VELA Chair VELA Chair side view

Whilst it may not seem immediately obvious, this chair is a great exercise aid for elderly people with limited mobility since their legs and feet can be used in conjunction with the chair’s wheels. Lack of balance and muscle weakness are both compensated for with the VELA chair’s design. This added independence is also a big boost to the user’s confidence.

18-22 September is Falls Awareness Week

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