Riser Recliners – A Buyer’s Guide
20 October 2023 - by Matt Stanfield

As you may hopefully have noticed, Lifestyle & Mobility have more than a few riser recliners online for your consideration.

Buying a powered indoor chair may be a little different to what you’re used to. So we’ve put together a buyer’s guide to help you not only get a good handle on the basics, but accumulate enough knowledge to find the perfect chair for your needs.

Material Options

First, let’s think about material. Waterproof, wipe-clean and water-resistant chair materials are all options. Some find that easy to clean and water resistant fabric finishes are the best choice for them, whilst some prefer a more traditional cover. There is a lot of choice out there when it comes to the material you want your new riser recliner to be finished in. If you are able to visit one of our stores, we have a number of staff with great experience in helping prospective buyers like you to navigate the options available. Browse page after page of fabric swatches with them to help build your perfect motor chair. Returning to the topic of easy fabric maintenance, some of the Celebrity chairs which we sell feature an Aquaclean fabric option, which allows for the cleaning of stains with water only.

Cushion Considerations

Besides the motor configuration for your chair, perhaps the most crucial question is the configuration of back cushions. Shown here are the back cushion configurations for our four latest riser recliners. From left to right – Lilybrooke, Nexus Rehab NX50, Windermere, and Rosemore.

The Lilybrooke Single Motor Riser Recliner (far left) offers a straightforward seat cushion solution in the form of a two part seat back. This is typical for a single motor product intended for use by people with less complex pressure requirements. The Nexus Rehab NX50 Single Motor Riser Recliner (next to the Lilybrooke) is designed as an affordable choice. The NX50 was designed for users with more complex pressure requirements. As you can see, it has lateral supports built into the lower part of the back cushion. Next, moving rightwards, is the Lifestyle & Mobility Windermere Dual Motor Riser Recliner. This riser recliner has a three-tiered “waterfall back”. Last but not least is the Lifestyle & Mobility Rosemore Quad Motor Riser Recliner. We will be looking in more detail at this chair in the next section.

Upgrading your Chair Experience

Besides luxury and comfort, there are other reasons to consider a more high-spec motorised chair. Higher end riser recliners, such as the Rosemore, usually have more stylistic flourishes.

Chairs like this tend to go better with more types of indoor decor, because of this characteristic. If you want a more upmarket model for your room, the more comfortable cushions often have a more luxurious form to go with their function.

Ultimately, riser recliners are more than just a lifestyle product. They are also a piece of furniture. This means that the same aesthetic considerations apply when choosing one as would apply with any other chair. You and others will be seeing a lot of the product you select. So you’ll definitely want to make a purchase you can feel good about giving pride of place in your house to.

If it’s a possibility, and, with finance now available in-store and online, it’s easier than ever, we’d suggest looking into slightly higher-end riser recliners. Customers who have made this choice tend not to regret it. When considering riser recliners, it is very much worth thinking about how much bang you will get for your buck. Sometimes, spending a little more will get you a lot more when it comes to performance.

That philosophy is especially applicable when considering whether to get a single or dual-motor riser recliner. If you can pick up a dual-motor – particularly if one is on sale – our experience is that you won’t regret it.

Come and See Us

Finally, whilst reading about riser recliners is always useful, actually trying them out is well worth it if you are able to. A large indoor furniture piece is a substantial investment. And the staff at our various stores will be more than happy to share their expertise with you in a friendly, no-obligation, environment. There’s no need to book an appointment. You can just drop in. It couldn’t be easier!

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