Product of the Month February 2024: Eezy-Roller
21 February 2024 - by Matt Stanfield

Versatility is the touchstone of this product: a versatility which has caused quite the buzz with our customers. The Eezy-Roller is a recently released 4-in-1 powerchair and rollator. It converts between different configurations with ease, as shown within this piece.

EEZY-ROLLER - The 4-in-1 ultra light folding electric walker-to-wheelchair

Powered/manual wheelchair configuration

Unlike some multi-function mobility products, the different use options don’t trade quality of experience for versatility. Let’s first consider the Eezy-Roller as a wheeled walker (aka rollator) It has a sturdy and convenient bag beneath the seat: ideal for use on short shopping trips. The eighteen-inch-wide seat itself has a similarly solid nature, taking a user weight of up to 18 stone. With two powerful brakes on the ergonomically designed handles, users can feel secure when out and about. A power-assist function makes navigating hillier areas so much easier for rollator users.


A Lightweight Powerchair

Even without the versatility which makes it so special, the Eezy-Roller would qualify as a market-leading lightweight powerchair. It is only 17.5kg in total (well under three stone) It folds into a very compact form, meaning that it’s no problem for you to take it on public transport.

The air safe lithium battery provides you the convenience of taking this clever piece of kit along on overseas holidays. Lithium also means longer battery life and improved range. In this case, you can get almost 10 miles of travel on a single charge, an impressive amount for such a lightly built mobility option.

Attendant Control Options
EEZY-ROLLER - The 4-in-1 ultra light folding electric walker-to-wheelchair 3

Rollator configuration

If you require full or part-time attendant control, the Eezy-Roller is a suitable choice. In addition to the user joystick, it features an attendant control joystick as standard. This component is especially noteworthy as this is often a premium cost option with powerchairs. The programmable power-assist function is also accessible via the attendant control console.

Since the Eezy-Roller is also a fully functional transit wheelchair, it offers manual attendant control in addition to powered attendant control.

Better Technology for a Better Lifestyle

Some new products take us by surprise with their popularity. Not so much the Eezy-Roller. At Lifestyle & Mobility we had a feeling that this would go down very well with you, our customers. And so it has proved: this 4-in-1 mobility product is selling very fast right now.

From the ground up, the Eezy-Roller is a triumph of advanced engineering. Made from an ultra-lightweight yet strong and high-quality aluminium alloy, this product is robust and will last you a long time. A reliable travel partner indeed! Being super lightweight also means exceptional manoeuvrability whether in manual, powered, or power-assisted modes.

A product like this is deserving of being given a try, as its not easy to do it justice through description alone. Therefore, subject to availability, you can experience one in our stores. Or we may be able to come to you for a free home demonstration.

The possibilities which this product offers up for freedom and convenience are too good to be overlooked. We anticipate that this 4-in-1 mobility product will punch well above its dainty weight when it comes to sales and popularity!

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