Online Product of the Month: Pride Jazzy Air 2
19 April 2023 - by Matt Stanfield
A New Height of Power

What is it about the Jazzy Air 2 that’s had it selling so well in April? Two words spring to mind: “elevating seat”. At the Air 2’s price point, there’s really nothing else on the market which offers such impressive elevation. Indeed, as most powerchair users know, elevating seats of any sort are rare in the most accessibly priced chairs.

Air 2 Out and aboutThis seat is one of the jewels in Pride’s crown. It is no exaggeration to say that users have found the Jazzy Air 2 to revolutionise their lives. Not only does socialising become quite literally more accessible, thanks to a generous elevation capacity of 12” (30.5cm) in just 11 seconds and an exceptionally compact turning circle (just 22.5”) keeping owners in the thick of things, but solo living opens. Customers have praised the effects of the Jazzy around their own homes. To illustrate this point, perhaps someone loved to cook prior to a serious accident. Being able to shift over a wide range of heights at the touch of a button makes getting back into cooking a possibility.

It is those possibilities which are offered by this chair which make it such a standout product within the powerchair market.

Stylishly Substantial

The Air 2 is very attractively designed, with a tasteful range of shroud colours to perform the important task of making this powerchair more uniquely yours.

White, yellow, black, blue, grey, pink, and red are your options. Users can also choose between left and right-hand side placement for the control, and three different seat sizes. Of course, if one were going for a prescriptive powerchair, far more options are available, but the Air 2 has a precise focus on providing certain liberating opportunities. Opportunities which many powerchair users, whether prospective or existing, might have feared were out of reach due to financial factors.

In some respects, the Jazzy Air 2 fits the profile of an entry-level chair – a first powerchair, as it were. And yet, many users, sometimes to their own surprise, find themselves sticking with it. The seat-lift function really is that revolutionary.

Air 2 Conversation

If you like the sound of this chair, and we’re sure you’ll agree there truly is a lot to like the sound of, why not get in touch to make further enquiries? Subject to stock availability, we can offer in-store demonstrations. This means you can have the chance to try this exciting modern classic for yourself.

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