LuXe Mobility Scooters – New Products Alert!
10 May 2024 - by Matt Stanfield
Three New Mobility Scooters

Lifestyle & Mobility are proud to let our customers choose from a new range of mobility scooters we have bought onto the market. Each of the LuXe Mobility Scooters is suitable for different needs. First, there is the LuXe Mobility X100 Sport – designed to fit easily into a car boot for longer distance journeys. It is also small enough to fit easily onto many forms of public transport. Less than 1 metre long, it’s great for buses and trains*

Then there is the LuXe Mobility X500 Midi Sport – this slightly larger mobility scooter has a longer range than the X100 Sport – up to 14 miles on a single charge. It remains compact and easy to steer and store, particularly for a scooter with its specifications.

The new road-legal scooter of the range is the LuXe Mobility X700 Deluxe Sport which we are particularly excited about. And, we think you will be too. Beneath its uncompromisingly bold style lies a seriously powerful piece of engineering.

Without further ado then, let’s meet the LuXe Mobility Scooters!

The LuXe Mobility X100 Sport

LuXe Mobility X100 Sport

Able to fit through doorways of just 20 inches in width, the LuXe Mobility X100 Sport is as big on features to liberate the user as it is suitably sized for storage whether in the home or travelling.

The total weight capacity of this stylish boot scooter is over 18 stone. Longer journeys or short trips to the shops are made more comfortable by a full backed seat with padding. The adjustable seat arms add to the comfort of your experience. Rear suspension is another added bonus for your comfort when out on the pavement or paths.

This power scooter is lightweight enough to be very manageable. The total weight when fully assembled is below 50kg. This doesn’t reflect the lighter weight of the individual pieces, of course. And those are the pieces which you will be lifting in and out of the boot of your car.

The LuXe Mobility X500 Midi Sport

LuXe Mobility X500 Mobility Scooter

The “middle sibling” of these three scooters, it’s the LuXe Mobility X500 Midi Sport.

The 20Ah battery on this scooter can comfortably deliver 14 miles on a single charge. Being a premium pavement scooter, it will handle gradients of up to 12 degrees, making it an ideal choice for steeper inclines.

Rear suspension and pneumatic tyres provide you with a more comfortable ride than you might expect from a mobility scooter of this size class. There is both on board battery charging and off board battery charging as standard. The LuXe Mobility X500 Midi Sport even comes with a USB charger point built in for your phone or other electronic devices.

The four parts which this power scooter comes apart into are lightweight enough for easy handling. No individual component weighs more than 30kg (just over 4.5 stone) The total weight when fully assembled is a manageable 50kg.

The LuXe Mobility X700 Deluxe Sport

LuXe Mobility X700 Deluxe Sport

If you’re looking for a road legal 8mph scooter at a low cost, but with high quality features, you’ve found it. We are pleased to present the LuXe Mobility X700 Deluxe Sport. Capable of nearly 30 miles on a full battery charge, this electric mobility scooter is suitable for multiple terrains.

With a new and fresh appearance, this large scooter has 9cm (3 full inches) of ground clearance. Thanks to this sort of ground clearance, offroad usage is a possibility. And, like other scooters in the new LuXe Mobility range, the LuXe Mobility X700 Deluxe Sport can easily handle gradients of up to 12 degrees.

Storage is no issue whatsoever. Onboard, the adjustable tiller has a high capacity basket on the front. Thanks to this, and storage built into the back of the tiller, you’ll have ample space.

*Lifestyle & Mobility always advise checking before you travel, carriers’ policies may vary

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