JBH CarbonLite Carbon Fibre Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter
11 January 2024 - by Matt Stanfield

Super Lightweight, Supercar Looks – Introducing the Carbonlite Lightweight Folding Mobility Scooter

What are the top things you look for in a lightweight mobility scooter? Weight? Size? Battery Life? That your scooter folds and fits neatly into your boot?

The JBH Carbonlite brings together the best of everything you need in a lightweight folding scooter. And more. It gives you real-world mobility.

The twenty layers of ultra-light carbon fibre, each one carefully wrapped over the next, not only reduce the weight of this scooter to a mere 19kg but gives the Carbonlite a sleek supercar look that you won’t find on lesser folding scooters.

Plus it folds in three easy steps and fits into the boot of a car easily. Or if you’re travelling further afield, the batteries are safe for airline travel too.


Carbonlite Gives You the Mobility You Want From A Scooter

Fold it up, put it in the boot, unfold it and get going. It’s that easy.

The Carbonlite is designed to make every journey hassle free. And not just hassle free, but without the worry of what you’ll do when you get there, you’ll find yourself on more and more adventures.

But not all journeys are adventures. Sometimes you just need to grab something from a nearby shop. That’s the beauty of the Carbonlite’s careful design. It’s built to be as easy to use on small local trips as it is on the bigger days out. Because why should you have to choose or compromise?

You can just get on and go, without worrying about getting there or wrestling with a heavy scooter just to grab something small from the local shops.

A full charge on both batteries can get you nearly 10 miles of travel distance. They’re fast charging and suitable for airlines – because the Carbonlite is truly a lightweight scooter designed to give you the best of both worlds when it comes to getting out and about.

Whatever you need in a scooter, the JBH Carbonlite lightweight folding mobility scooter delivers it.


Lightweight, Good Looks

And why wouldn’t you use strong and lightweight carbon fibre on a scooter?

When you think about it, it’s the perfect addition. Carbon fibre is associated with the most prestigious engineering and premium vehicles. It’s strong and lightweight. And looks supercar cool. The JBH Carbonlite scooter has all things that can take the humdrum practicality and functionality of some scooters and make them a blast to use.

Even the Carbonlite’s joints are made from high strength carbon and fastened with steel bolts, keeping that theme of strength and lightness throughout its build.


  • Carbonlite weighs just 19kg (excluding battery and armrests)
  • 20 layers of carbon fibre makes this extremely strong at the same time
  • This means it can accommodate a user weight of up to 140kg (22 stone)


The Carbonlite weighs just 19kg without the armrests, so it’s super easy to do one of the most important things you need a lightweight scooter for… put it in the boot of the car. And that’s helpful if you want true mobility.

It also means that even if you don’t have a car yourself, your friends and family that do will find it easy to take the Carbonlite wherever you go.

Armrests can be extended outwards from the seat, or even removed entirely. The armrests also flip up if needed. Removable armrests aren’t standard in scooters either. This just adds to Carbonlite’s portability.


Carbonlite Folds in Three Easy Steps

Keeping things lightweight there’s no heavy electric motor to do the folding/unfolding. But folding is designed to be easy. And it makes Carbonlite perfect to take with you on every journey. And it’s not just one way traffic, it’s just as easy to fold down too. That’s important.

In just three steps you’ve got a lightweight folding scooter that fits into the boot of most cars.


The Carbonlite’s dimensions folded are just 400mm x 480mm x 680mm


A Scooter For Indoor and Outdoor Settings

  • 4mph Max Speed – 38mm ground clearance – handles 8° gradients
  • Puncture free solid wheels
  • Over 4 miles on a single charge + increase with an extra battery (optional)


Once you’re out, you want a mobility scooter that’s reliable. 

With the JBH Carbonlite you get puncture free solid wheels, so the risk of punctures is taken care of. The front castors are 6” in diameter.

The Carbonlite handles various terrains. There’s a 38mm ground clearance and it can handle hill gradients of up to 8 degrees. You get a max speed of 4mph which is perfect. Most people walk at an average speed of 3mph, so you’ll always be one step ahead if you want to be.


Enjoy All-Day Comfort With Backlit LCD Dashboard and Ergonomic Handles

  • LCD display 
  • Comfortable handlebars with push or pull lever for easy use
  • Premium seat material

When you’re out and about the easy-to-read LCD display shows battery level, speedometer, trip, outside temperature… and just in case, a horn. It’s everything you need to keep you on the go, or that you might need to know at some point. 

It’s backlit so you won’t have to worry about glare from the sun, or the moon, or whatever light source is powering your adventures.

What’s more, the ergonomic delta handles have both push and pull functions to operate the scooter’s movement. That you can use either thumbs or fingers to operate this scooter is especially important if you have hand joint problems. 

Combine this with the comfortable ergonomic handles it’s perfect for every hand.

But perhaps the most important bit is the premium seat material. Designed for comfort, it’s vital because it’s where the Carbonlite’s comfort comes from.


But What About Using This Scooter in Everyday Life?

  • Fast stopping and electromagnetic brakes
  • Accurate braking for tight corners
  • Easy touch parking brake


It’s all well and good talking about big adventures but what about using your scooter in the real world. There might well be days out and you might even be travelling abroad with your mobility scooter, but what about the regular trips you make every day? That’s where a scooter needs to shine.

It’s lightweight, easy to fold and easy to handle. The JBH Carbonlite scooter also features electromagnetic brakes for quick and accurate stopping. A gentle push or pull of the levers disengages the brakes and away you go.

Electromagnetic brakes work differently to the standard brakes. Standard brakes are pulled to bring the scooter to a stop in an emergency, but with electromagnetic brakes, the opposite happens. The brake is engaged until you pull the lever. This makes electromagnetic brakes great for stopping and starting, as well as travelling at a consistent speed if you want.

Traditional brakes work in an emergency and if you’re moving in a straight line, but if you need to stop suddenly and you’re not in a straight line, there’s a risk of the scooter tipping over.

With electromagnetic brakes, this risk is much smaller.

This accurate braking also means corners, just like those in your local supermarket aisles, are easy to handle.

There’s also an easy-touch parking brake, so you’re safe in the knowledge your scooter will be secure when you need to park up.


Airline Friendly 24V Rechargeable Batteries

  • Long lasting 24V 6aH lithium batteries 
  • Can be charged on or off the scooter
  • Safe for airlines


Lithium batteries are perfect for mobility scooters. They pack a big punch into a small and lightweight space. The lifespan is longer compared to traditional acid batteries too.

From a single charge, the Carbonlite’s battery delivers you over 4 miles of travel. Add the optional extra battery and you’re getting double that. You can drive with one while the other’s charging. These lithium batteries are designed for heavy use.

Lithium batteries charge faster than standard acid batteries too (potentially 3 hours vs 10 hours charging time.) What’s more, the batteries can be charged on or off the scooter, making them super handy and great for when you just want to charge the battery without the hassle of moving the scooter into place.

They discharge evenly over their cycle and deliver more range. Your scooter won’t slow down and won’t struggle on inclines, although the Carbonlite can handle inclines of up to 8 degrees. 

Lithium batteries are better at delivering even and consistent speed too, so combined with the electromagnetic braking system, you’ll always feel in control.


Reviews for the JBH Carbonlite Scooter

On paper it looks great but what are real people, people who use the JBH Carbonlite every day saying?

“I was looking for a lightweight scooter that I could easily lift into my car. I tried many and this was the easiest.” Graham Powell

“Brought this scooter for my mother and paid extra for engineer’s delivery. My mother reported back that the engineer was very helpful and spent some time with her teaching her how to use it. Thank you so much for looking after her.” Edward J*

“So impressed with my scooter, very light and easy to fold and un-fold. Highly recommend.” Arthur Williams

“Love my little scooter, really easy to fold and get in the back of my ford ka.” Wendy J

*Engineer delivery is an option that Lifestyle & Mobility offers its customers. For an extra £150, your order can be delivered by an engineer within 7-14 working days subject to availability.

This is a good option if you suffer from mobility limitations, live in a rural area or in a second floor flat/apartment, or would just prefer a more personalised delivery experience.

You will receive a phone call to arrange a delivery date/time to suit you. On the day of your choice, the engineer will arrive and assemble your product and ensure it’s in full working order. Then they will provide a full demonstration, including charging, preparing and assembling/disassembling your product. 

Our engineer will be happy to answer any of your questions during this time and will even take all the unnecessary packaging with them when they leave.


Buying From Lifestyle and Mobility

Our mission is to provide customers with high-quality mobility equipment and products as well as expert knowledge and unrivalled aftercare for all of our products.

We operate across the South of England including Southend-on-Sea, Basildon, Welwyn Garden City, Bournemouth and Harlow as well as online.


  • If you find a product locally with a price that is lower than ours, we will match it. Get in contact with us today and one of our friendly and experienced team members can help.
  • We can ship certain products straight to your door, making this process easy and so you can get your product the next day.
  • We offer In-store or home appointments so we can accommodate your needs. We ensure all our staff are experienced and qualified to help you out as best as we can.
  • We offer 24/7 emergency call outs for in-store powered mobility purchases, so we are here to help whenever you need us.
  • Your mobility equipment should always be in top-notch condition to keep up with your busy lifestyle, which is why Lifestyle & Mobility service centres are essential for your repair and maintenance needs.


At a glance: The JBH Carbonlite Lightweight Folding Scooter:


  • Lightweight – just 19kg without armrests
  • Top range up to 10 miles
  • Stunning carbon fibre looks
  • Electromagnetic brakes – fast stopping, great for corners, in shops, accurate braking
  • Puncture free tyres – 6 inch front castor 
  • A generous 1.5” ground clearance combined can handle a variety of terrains.
  • Compact – fits in a car boot
  • Folds/Unfolds in three easy steps
  • LCD backlit display – battery, speed dial, tripometer, outside temperature
  • Ergonomic handle bars – makes gripping easy with power lever push or pull for personal ease of use
  • 22 stone (140kg) maximum user weight
  • Airline safe batteries
  • Lithium batteries can be charged on or off the scooter
  • Free delivery!

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