Brand New Motion Healthcare Range
2 June 2023 - by Georgina Jones

Brand New Range – Motion Healthcare

High Power on a Budget

Motion Healthcare’s new range is kicked off by the Airscape which has been heavily inspired by the incredibly popular Lithilite & Alumina models by Motion Healthcare targeting those of you just starting out into the mobility world with a lithium powered scooter at a competitive price. To have a lightweight lithium powered scooter at this price point is remarkable with lithium batteries being known for their incredible durability, rapid charging, as well as having overall better performance. Additionally, these batteries have a large advantage of the batteries mobility scooters typically use by being smaller and lighter. Furthermore, the batteries can be removed from the scooter for charging allowing you to store the scooter itself outside or in a garage/shed.

Built by experts at their peak through sheer dedication the Motion Healthcare Airscape is remarkably durable and robust, allowing it to be exceptionally adaptable to your needs. Whether you intend to use this scooter for indoor or outdoor use the Airscape is the mobility scooter for you mixed with its astonishingly light weight and you are left with a fantastic all terrain scooter that can just as easily be moved for transportation.

Stylish and Quality

Motion Healthcare have put a heavy focus on ensuring that this mobility scooter has a unique style helping you stand out even more than you already do. Along with this, it has been made keeping to high standard with their tried and tested quality. This luxury and modern mobility scooter has been made with the aim of not just being aesthetically pleasing, which it clearly is, but to give you your independence back.

No Need to Worry

The Motion Healthcare Xcite is fitted with simple controls, adjustable tillers, delta handlebars. With the inclusion of a powerful 550W motor mixed with 2 x 50Ah batteries, on full charge the Xcite has a maximum range of 25 miles (40kms) for you to get back your independence and freedom.

Easy Riding

With giant pneumatic tyres fitted with front and rear suspension working together to give an exceptionally stable and smooth ride even wen travelling over rough terrain. Furthermore, to improve comfort the Motion Healthcare Xcite comes fitted with a heavily padded, and extra large captains seat.


On the Shoulders of a Giant

Greatly inspired by their massively well received mobility scooter, the Airium, Motion Healthcare have outdone themselves and created a scooter with all the fantastic features of the Airium but to an even bigger scale. Despite its bigger stature, the Aura is incredibly light at just 43kg due to its aluminium chassis along with being equipped with long-lasting lithium batteries.

Far and Wide

When on full charge these incredibly impressive batteries can last you for an amazing 21 miles (34km) range, you will not have any trouble getting to where you need to go whether that be a quick trip down the road or a shopping trip around town the Motion Healthcare Aura has you covered.



The Magnelite Transit and Magnelite Self Propelled are two incredibly wonderful upcoming wheelchairs. The self propelled is a great pick for those who primarily choose to move around on their own. The Self-Propelled model has larger rear wheels than the transit which are fitted with a ‘pushrim’ that you push or pull to achieve rotation.




The Transit model is fitted with smaller rear wheels in comparison to the Magnelite Self-Propelled model as well as having a lighter frame making it a lot easier for an attendant to push it. This model is great for use in hospitals, care homes and emergency situations.





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