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I Moved Out

I made the move - literally.

I Moved Out2020-03-17T13:24:41+00:00

Disabled Parenting

There’s nowhere I feel more eyes on me than when I’m picking my son up from school. We’re quite the sight, red mobility scooter and a toddler strapped to my lap. I’ve only done it a few times in my wheelchair and that’s even worse. A lot of looks, quick glances. Some are curious, some [...]

Disabled Parenting2019-10-18T08:52:38+01:00

Why I’m proudly disabled……

A few years ago I would have rather called myself anything but disabled. I mean it’s not the sexiest thing to be called is it? Even though I was a bonafide blue badge holder and couldn’t walk unsupported I still didn’t see myself as disabled because I didn’t want to be disabled. Being disabled was [...]

Why I’m proudly disabled……2019-09-23T11:17:55+01:00

University, Mobility Scooters & The Police

September. A month that for a lot of people aged 18, means the start of university life.  It was always in my mind to go to university and I never looked at my disability as being a hindrance as to why I shouldn’t go. There is a lot of help and guidance that you can [...]

University, Mobility Scooters & The Police2019-08-30T13:00:00+01:00

Failing at being Disabled

Hi, my name’s Tayler. I’m 24, I studied at university, received a first-class honours, run my own business, travel often, have a long term boyfriend, bar hops from time to time and yep - I’m disabled.  Although I was born with a disability, doctors, midwives and my parents alone didn’t notice anything ‘different’ about me [...]

Failing at being Disabled2019-08-03T15:19:35+01:00

Industry’s Top 5 Mobility Dealers in the South.

We are very proud and honoured to have been nominated as one of the Industry’s Top 5 Mobility Dealers in the South. Lifestyle And Mobility It has been a busy year for one of the South’s most prestigious and quickly expanding dealers. Lifestyle and Mobility has impressed suppliers and peers with its forward-thinking approach to [...]

Industry’s Top 5 Mobility Dealers in the South.2019-08-02T15:12:30+01:00