Sunrise Medical Salsa M

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Project Description


The perfect combination of indoor manoeuvrability and outdoor performance.

With its mid-wheel drive technology, the Salsa-M electric powered wheelchair is able to deliver an extremely compact turning circle, allowing for great indoor manoeuvrability. A narrow width and very low seat height ensures that you’re able to navigate through doorways and confined spaces effortlessly. When travelling outdoors, Quickie’s all-wheel independent suspension and anti-pitch technology ensures stability and safety at all times.

Sunrise Medical Salsa M

Seat Width:    40 - 56cm (15.5 - 22")
Seat Height:    42cm/16.5" (no tilt) / 42cm/16.5" (30° tilt) / 44cm/17.3" (power lift & tilt)
Seat Depth:    41 - 55cm (16 - 21.5")
Backrest Height:    57 - 70cm (22.5 - 27.5")
Armrest Height:    18 - 28cm (7 - 11")
Overall Width:    60cm/23.5" (std wheels), 63cm/24.5" (low push force wheels)
Overall Length:    110cm, including legrests (43")
Speed:    6kph and 10kph (3.7mph and 6mph)
Battery Size:    2 x 50Ah
Max. Range:    26km/16m (ISO 7176-4)
Back Recline:    -5° to 12° (-10 - 40° with powered recline)
Turning Radius:    120cm (47")
Max. Safe Slope:    8° / 14%
Max Kerb Climb:    7.5cm (3")
Max. User Weight:    160kg HD Seat (25 stone)
Colours:    Red