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Shedding the shame around mobility aids……..

I’ve been using mobility aids in one form or another for seven years. It started with needing a walking stick when the wear and tear of my Spina Bifida made one of my legs weaker. I hated it. Hated how frumpy I felt with it. Would never have it in pictures. Then I upgraded to [...]

Shedding the shame around mobility aids……..2019-11-21T17:31:48+00:00

Did I pass the Disability Test?

My whole life I’ve had a neon sign above my head flashing ‘disabled’. Although, the light can be blinding and aggravating most of the time I’ve learnt how to bask in the glow. This year I’ve had a few occasions where the light is so bright and flashing faster than my mobility scooter, the bulb [...]

Did I pass the Disability Test?2019-10-09T17:37:07+01:00