Freewheel All Terrain Add-On

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Project Description


FreeWheel = Mobility. Independence. Freedom.

Whether you have a rigid frame or a FOLDING wheelchair, the FreeWheel is your ticket to Freedom, Independence, and increased Mobility.

With the FreeWheel your wheelchair casters are lifted off the ground, turning your chair into a 3-wheeler, so you simply roll over any obstacle: curbs, dirt trails, grass, gravel, snow, and sand. No more wasting energy and slowing down to pop a wheelie.

The FreeWheel comes with all you need to set it up on your chair. The initial installation takes approximately 15 min., after that the FreeWheel clamps on in seconds.

Key Details


Max User Weight

3.5 lbs

Adaptor Weight

Easy to remove

Max User Weight250 lbs
Max Footrest Height4-3/4"
Max Footrest Angle12%

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• Swift, comprehensive delivery and set up of the product.
• 1 year’s manufacturer’s warranty.
• Full service and warranty back-up with our on-site engineers.
• Professional on-going support with additional visits if required.